Arbitration: Stay of Court Proceedings and Anti-Suit Injunctions


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Litigation pertaining to arbitration can occur in three stages – pre-arbitration, pending arbitration and post-arbitration. This book provides a thorough discussion on the pre-arbitration relief, focusing on stay of court proceedings when an action is instituted in breach of an arbitration agreement, and anti-suit injunctions when an action is instituted or threatened to be instituted in a foreign court in breach of an arbitration agreement.


About The Author

Arunachalam Kasi, LL.B (Hons.), CLP, LL.M (UM), is a practising advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya, who specialises in litigation pertaining to arbitration. Through his practice, he has substantially contributed to the development of arbitration laws in Malaysia. His academic background is unique – he is one of the youngest persons in Malaysia to obtain a law degree (when he was only 19 years old). He has always had a passion for writing on legal topics and he has authored numerous legal articles, particularly in the area of arbitration, which can be found in the major law journals of the country. He is a well-known speaker among the members of the bar and was also nominated for the Nobel prize when he was only 16 years old.