SRC TRIAL Charges, Evidence & Verdict Public Prosecutor v Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Hj Abd Razak


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A Trial Extraordinaire that Breaches Malaysia’s Legal Frontiers

SRC Trial: Charges, Evidence and Verdict captures a criminal trial that has impacted the Malaysian legal landscape and her people in ways that can only be termed as phenomenal, and in that sense, will make a highly interesting, insightful and engrossing reading.

Whilst the case in now pending appeal, and is therefore susceptible to critical scrutiny and examination by the panel of judges of the Court of Appeal and assuredly of the Federal Court too, the fact remains that the trial before Mohd Nazlan Ghazali J epitomises and defines the real battlegrounds between the prosecution and the defence teams, as it remains the arena where the details of what the witness testimony and what the documentary exhibits showed or did not show in evidence are being fought tooth and nail between the two sides.

In any event, the reader should achieve a better equilibrium in digesting the true import and purport of the case, if the decisions of the higher courts were to be read together and in tandem with the judgments of the High Court.


• Full judgment as per judge’s decision
• Pits and substance of decision
• Key ratio of case