A Practical Approach To Workplace Sexual Harassment And Bullying


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Sexual harassment and bullying must come to an end. These behaviours are not appropriate in a civilised society. Each and every employer is responsible to stop their employees from behaving in this unacceptable manner. The aim of this book is to help employers and human resource department staff achieve this worthwhile objective. A Practical Approach to Workplace Sexual Harassment and Bullying covers a range of topics helpful to parties with an interest in this topic including: a brief background on sexual harassment and bullying in Malaysia; definitions of sexual harassment and bullying; summaries of cases heard in the Industrial Court relating to sexual harassment; carrying out an investigation into a claim by an employee that he or she has been harassed; taking disciplinary action against suspected sexual harassers or bullies; training and other interventions which can help reduce incidences of this behaviour and an examination of bullying in the Malaysian context. Changing employees’ behaviour is a difficult task but, if successful in eradicating sexual harassment and bullying, it is worth the effort.