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  • SITI NOOR AISHAH ATAM lwn. PP [2018] 5 CLJ 44
    [RAYUAN JENAYAH NO: W-05(SH)-219-05-2017]
    7 DISEMBER 2017

    UNDANG-UNDANG JENAYAH: Kanun Keseksaan – Seksyen 130JB(1)(a) – Kesalahan memiliki buku-buku yang berunsur perbuatan keganasan dan berkaitan dengan kumpulan pengganas – Rayuan terhadap sabitan dan hukuman – Pembelaan – Sama ada buku-buku dimiliki untuk tujuan menyediakan tesis – Sama ada pertuduhan cacat – Sama ada kes prima facie berjaya dibuktikan – Sama ada kesalahan di bawah s. 130JB satu kesalahan liabiliti ketat – Sama ada pembelaan tertuduh berjaya menimbulkan keraguan munasabah terhadap kes pendakwaan – Sama ada hukuman yang dijatuhkan keterlaluan – Sama ada rayuan harus dibenarkan

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    J&J defends itself in trial over baby powder asbestos claims

    Lawyers for Johnson & Johnson reject claims widely-used baby powder contains asbestos
    A trial for a lawsuit alleging that Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder was responsible for the death of a woman due to her exposure to cancer-causing asbestos began in South Carolina on Monday in the latest case against the healthcare conglomerate and a supplier over their talc-based products. J&J said that its widely-used baby powder never contained asbestos, a known carcinogen linked to mesothelioma. The case also names as a defendant a local unit of Rite Aid, one of the largest U.S. drugstore chains, which allegedly sold the baby powder used by the woman.

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  • SA media companies cough up over 61 million rand over cartel charges

    South African Competition Commission squeezes media companies to the tune of $4.86 million, but wants more
    MTV Networks Africa has finally agreed to a pay a total of 17.3 million rand (US$1.14 million) for its involvement in a South African advertising cartel, becoming the sixth media company to pay cartel charges now totalling R61.5 million ($4.86 million). The Competition Commission of South Africa is now urging other media companies implicated in a 2011 media collusion investigation to pay their parts of the settlement as well. The Commission stated it "is hopeful that other media companies, implicated in the matter, will consider settling with the Commission while the process still allows them to do so."

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  • Melbourne business ordered to pay worker $20,000 for firing her after she resigned

    Company should never counter a resignation with a dismissal letter
    A former nail technician at a Melbourne beauty salon has won $20,000 in compensation after her employer tried to fire her two hours after she handed in her resignation, which she says she was forced to submit because she was being bullied for chasing unpaid wages. The staff member at Solene Paris Beauty, a salon in Melbourne’s Stud Park Shopping Centre, brought unfair dismissal proceedings against the business after her employment ended in March 2017.

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  • Islamic finance body IFSB to develop financial inclusion guidance

    Islamic finance
    IFSB developing technical note covering microfinance, fintech and social finance
    The Malaysia-based Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) said on Wednesday it will develop a technical note on financial inclusion, aiming to widen the reach of sharia-compliant banking to low-income consumers. The technical note from the IFSB, one of the main standard-setting bodies for Islamic finance, will cover regulatory issues including Islamic microfinance, financial technology and integration of social finance.

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  • Public servant sacked for criticising refugee policy on Twitter wins workers compensation case

    'Prolific tweeter' wins major legal victory
    A FORMER public servant who was sacked for tweeting comments critical of Australia’s refugee policy has won a compensation case for post-traumatic stress disorder after a tribunal ruled the termination breached her “implied freedom of political communication”. Michaela Banerji, a “prolific tweeter” under the handle @LaLegale, was sacked by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in 2013 for breaching the Australian Public Service Code of Conduct over a series of tweets criticising the government, its refugee policy, the minister and her own supervisor, communications manager Sandi Logan.

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  • Newcastle NHS worker made redundant on holiday wins case

    Notice of termination effective when actually received by employee
    An NHS worker sent a redundancy notice when she was on holiday abroad has won her case at the Supreme Court. The High Court and Appeal Court had upheld Sandi Haywood's claim that notice began when she read the letter, not when it was sent. The later timing resulted in a higher pension. Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust's appeal to the higher court has been dismissed. Mrs Haywood said she was "relieved the matter has been resolved".

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  • PU(A) 184/2014
    Goods and Services Tax (Rate of Tax) Order 2014
    ACT 50
    Medical Act 1971
  • Latest Revoked (22 May 2018)
  • PU(A) 187/2014
    Goods and Services Tax (Imposition of Tax For Supplies in Respect of Designated Areas) Order 2014
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    Goods and Services Tax (Application to Government) Order 2014
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    Goods and Services Tax (Imposition of Tax For Supplies in Respect of Free Zones) Order 2016
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    Goods and Services Tax (Relief) Order 2014
    PU(A) 272/2014
    Goods and Services Tax (Zero-Rated Supply) Order 2014

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