CLJLaw provides access on an hourly basis at the following rates:

  • RM95/USD60 for the 1st hour – usage limit 3MB
  • RM48/USD30 for subsequent hour – usage limit 1 MB
  • Extended time option limit – 3 hours
  •    (SST of 6% applies w.e.f. 1st September 2018)


    You will have access to CLJLaw's basic package consisting of Malaysian case laws from 1894 to present date, all Federal laws, articles, forms and precedents, practice directions and other reference materials. You will also have access to CLJLaw's additional modules consisting of Industrial law cases, Shariah law cases, Sessions and Magistrates cases, Road Traffic cases and State Laws from 13 Malaysian States.


    • Registration is required and payment is by credit card or online banking via senangPay only.
    • You must login and start using the subscription within 48 hours from purchase, failing which, the account will expire and no refund shall be claimable.
    • Time countdown is activated from the moment you log in for the very first time and will be paused provided you log out. Should you fail to log out, the time countdown will continue without pause until expiry.
    • Time countdown will resume from last log out until expiry so you may log in and log out repeatedly.
    • Total time purchased (including extensions of access time) must be utilized within 48 hours from the very first time you log in.
    • Usage (MB) countdown is activated upon downloading of any file.
    • Unutilised MBs cannot be carried forward and will be forfeited upon expiry of access time.
    • Notice will be provided once you reach 90% of your time/usage limit. You may extend your access/usage by clicking on the link provided and making the requisite payment.
    • Extension of usage is by extending access time i.e. an additional 1 hour access time at RM35/USD20 will provide you with 1 additional MB of usage.
    • Access will expire, when either the usage limit is fully utilised or the access duration exceeds 48 hours from the first login, which ever is earlier.
    • Upon expiry of your account, you will be required to register afresh.

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