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# Title Date Source
1351. 29 arrested at music fest for drugs 17/3/2014 The Sun
1352. Agent suspected of raping immigrants found dead 14/3/2014 New Straits Times
1353. Jobless man jailed six years for robbery 13/3/2014 The Star
1354. Missing MH370: No terror link suspected in stolen passports 12/3/2014 The Sun
1355. Mum defends son in molest case against teacher 11/3/2014 The Star
1356. British PM advisor quits after child porn arrest 4/3/2014 New Straits Times
1357. Foreign worker found brutally murdered in plantation 4/3/2014 The Star
1358. Jealous husband sets wife on fire after beating her 4/3/2014 The Star
1359. Disabled man believed robbed, assaulted 3/3/2014 New Straits Times
1360. Indon maid alleges sexual abuse 3/3/2014 New Straits Times
1361. He has killed, screams parrot 28/2/2014 The Star (Malaysia)
1362. Two to hang for murder 27/2/2014 New Straits Times (Malaysia)
1363. Hearing set for guard in murder case 27/2/2014 New Straits Times (Malaysia)
1364. Task force to track down thieves impersonating civil servants 27/2/2014 The Sun Daily
1365. Police: Maid who allegedly killed stepbrothers died a slow death 26/2/2014 The Star
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