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CLJ Law offers yearly and hourly accounts

An annual subscription offers value for money as the fees, which are payable in advance, include the account set-up and account maintenance fees.

The total cost depends on the number of users in the firm or corporation. All accounts are invoiced for renewal before expiry. If the invoice is not paid within the original account duration the account is suspended. There is a standard administrative fee of RM200.00 / USD100.00 for reactivating a suspended account.

CLJLaw provides access on an hourly basis at the following rates:

  • RM70/USD40 for the 1st hour – usage limit 3MB
  • RM35/USD20 for subsequent hour – usage limit 1 MB
  • Extended time option limit – 3 hours

Other Account Charges

There are no other charges imposed by CLJ Law other than the fees above. These fees are payable in advance and include account set-up and account maintenance fees.

Monitored Usage

The sharing of passwords, accessing and downloading of materials beyond legitimate legal research is prohibited. CLJ Law keeps its prices low and in return expects subscribers not to abuse this service. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Use for further details.


For payment outside Malaysia, the fee payable is in USD according to the rates shown in the Subscription form. Payment may be made by credit card, cheque or bank draft.

Fixed Price

There are no discounts available other than those advertised.

Delivery of Service

Upon confirmation of receipt of payment, unless credit terms apply, access to our online service will be made available within 48 hours.

One password per user

A password is to be used only by the user allocated it. Disclosure or use of a password, other than to the person to whom it is assigned, is a breach of the contract with CLJ Law. Security features on our server are able to detect multiple use of a password. Disclosure of a password allows others to view, alter your account records, and may result in your account being suspended due to excessive usage.

Changing passwords and Usernames

Changing of passwords and usernames is allowed and may be done on-line.

Duration of Accounts

All accounts last one calendar year from the date of commencement. The account begins from the date CLJ Law sends you the password. Accounts are suspended at the end of the term based on a calendar year unless the next payment is received within the term of the account. For example, an account starting on 31 May is suspended on 1 June the following year unless payment is received before 1 June. Notice will be provided when your account is due to expire.

Renewing a suspended account

Simply complete another application form (you can change the payment option for the account or change your username if you wish) and tick the box indicating that you have had a previous account.

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