Q. Where can I find information on how legislation is created and amended?
A. You may go to our Home Page and click on Legislation Updates and click on "Legislation: An Overview" for some general information.

Q. What is the meaning of abbreviations like L.N., P.U.(A), P.U.(B), CAP etc?
A. Go to our Home Page and click on Legislation Updates. Then click on "Legislation: An Overview" where you will find a list the definitions for these abbreviations and more.

Q. Where do I get help understanding a particular legislation item or area of legislation?
A. To obtain further information on a particular legislation item or area of legislation, you can contact the Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia.

Q. What legislation is available in CLJLaw?
A. Carries most (but not all) types of legislation for the Federal Territories and 13 States in Malaysia.

To view the full list of the Federal legislation available go to "Browse" on our Search page, select Federal Acts and you will be directed to the main page of our Federal legislation database.

For a full list of the State legislation available on our website, go to "Browse" on our Search page, select "State Enactments" and you will be directed to the main page of our State legislation database.

You can also view legislation according to the type of legislation -

For Federal legislation: Principal Acts (alphabetical order), Amending Acts, Constitution, Ordinance, Federated Malay States, Court Rules, Bills or Subsidiary Legislation PU/(PU(A)/PU(B).

For State legislation: Amendment, Enactment, Legal Notification, Rule.

For Federal legislation, the legislation are from the 1960s till present but there are also some legislation from the 1940s and 1950s which are listed based on availability.

For State legislation, legislation from the 1920s until the present year are also available. (see æThe legislation I am looking for is not on this site. Why is that?Æ for details of legislation we do not carry).

Q. Will I find new legislation on CLJLaw?
A. Yes. CLJLaw provides the latest legislation in Malaysia. For an overview on what are the new legislation available on CLJLaw, you may click the "Legislation Updates" tab available on our Home Page and click on one of the subheadings under the heading "Latest Malaysian Acts". In order to view the full content of the new legislation, you will have to subscribe to CLJLaw website.

Q. Where can I find recently updated legislation?
A. You can view brief information of the updated legislation on our Home Page by going to 'Legislation Alert" under the "Legislation Update" tab. However, in order to view the full legislation that has been updated, you will have to be a subscriber to our CLJLaw website. Upon log in, go to the "Browse" tab and a dropdown will appear. Click "Legislation Alert" to see the list of updated legislation.

Q. What is the difference between updated legislation and revised legislation?
A. Updated means that the latest amendments to the said legislation are incorporated into the text of the legislation. Normally, the amendments only alter minor parts of a legislation.

Revised legislation, however, is a revised edition of any law prepared and published by a Commissioner of Law Revision and a Deputy Commissioner of Law Revision. For example, Births and Deaths Registration Act 1957 has been superseded and revised and now is known as Births and Deaths Registration Act 1957 (Revised 1983). Usually, legislation that has been revised involves principal legislation prior to 1968.

Q. Can I find the superseded legislation on the CLJLaw website?
A. Superseded legislation is not readily available from the Government Gazette and only the revised version of the legislation is usually available from the Gazette. Therefore, the information on superseded legislation is very limited in our website.

Q. The legislation I am looking for is not on this site. Why is that?
A. There are some types of legislation which are not available on our website, namely:

(a) First enacted legislation prior to year 1968 (superseded legislation);

(b) The laws of the Federated Malay States (1877-1920);

(c) General Orders (Perintah-Perintah Am).

Q. How will I know if the legislation I am viewing is up to date or if there are changes (e.g. effects or amendments) that have not yet been applied?
A. When you access a particular legislation, click on 'List of Amendments" on the upper left column of the screen and you will be able to view the list of amendments that have been incorporated into the legislation.

Q. Where can I find the list of Bills passed by the Parliament?
A. You can find the list of Bills passed by the Parliament from year 2013 till 2015 on our Home Page under the "Legislation Updates" tab under the heading "Latest Malaysian Bills".

Q. Is the legislation on CLJLaw website available for download?
A. Only selected legislation are available for download.
A "Download PDF" button will be displayed at the top right of the screen for the legislation that are available for download.

Q. Is there a Bahasa Malaysia version of the legislation on CLJLaw website?
A. Only selected legislation on CLJLaw website are available in Bahasa Malaysia.
You will know whether the Bahasa Malaysia version is available if you see an option to change the language from English to Bahasa Malaysia at the top right of the screen beside the button 'Definitions".

Q. How can I find cases referring to a particular section of a legislation?
A. When you are viewing the legislation you are looking for, go to "Section Index" on the left side of the column and click on the section you are looking for. On the right column, on top of the text of the section, you will see the number of cases referred for that particular section (if any). Click on the "Cases referred" button to see the list of cases. 

Using CLJLaw

Q. How do I open the full Act on CLJLaw?
A. See "What legislation is available in CLJLaw?" above.

Q. I don't understand certain terms used in the CLJLaw website with regard to the legislation. Where can I get more information with regard to the terms used?
A. A full Glossary of terms used is available and can be found by clicking on the "Legislation Updates" tab on our Home Page and clicking the link "Glossary" or after log in, go to the top bar menu and click "Glossary" and select "Legislation".

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for on this page please contact us at enquiries@cljlaw.com.

Q. Can I search legislation by subject?
A. Yes. The option to search a legislation by subject is available by selecting "Legislation" under Search Criteria and then clicking "Advanced Search" on our Search page.

Q. How can I give feedback on CLJLaw?
A. We always welcome any feedback from our customers in order to improve our services. You can send us your feedback by clicking the "Feedback" tab on our Home Page or sending an email to enquiries@cljlaw.com.

Q. Can you help me to find the law on a particular subject?
A. Please email us at enquiries@cljlaw.com for assistance.