Quick Guide Series: Judicial Management: Fundamental Principles & Analysis


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The primary aim of this book is to focus on Judicial Management as one of the Corporate Rescue Mechanism which is currently gaining popularity in Malaysia as a viable recourse to ailing and/or distressed companies. The book provides salient provisions applicable for Judicial Management application and the essential requirements to be adhered to. A convenient reference, this new publication also highlights other Corporate Rescue Mechanisms such as Corporate Voluntary Arrangement and Compromise Scheme of Arrangement. It is an indispensable resource as a quick guide to critical analysis of case laws, sample cause papers to be filed in Court and relevant provisions, inter alia, under the Companies Act 2016 and Companies (Corporate Rescue Mechanism) Rules 2018. As an added value, the Judicial Management regime in Singapore and United Kingdom are examined as comparative study and for ease of reference.

Table Of Contents

• Introduction To Judicial Management
• Salient Provisions Under Judicial Management: Companies Act 2016
• Application Of Judicial Management
• Companies (Corporate Rescue Mechanism) Rules 2018
• Judicial Management And Corporate Voluntary Arrangement
• Judicial Management And Compromise Scheme Of Arrangement
• Sample Cause Papers
• Judicial Management In Singapore
• Judicial Management In The United Kingdom