Handbook of Workers Rights (2nd Edition)


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This book aims to educate workers and top management about the benefits and protection offered by various laws. It covers the following legislations:

(1) Employment Act 1955 incorporating the Employment (Amendment) Act 2022

(2) Employment (Termination and Lay-Off Benefits) Regulations 1980

(3) Employment (Part-Time Employees) Regulations 2010

(4) Industrial Relations Act 1967 incorporating the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2020

(5) Trade Unions Act 1959

(6) Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012

(7) Employment Insurance System Act 2017

(8) Employees Provident Fund Act 1991

(9) Employees’ Social Security Act 1969

(10) Minimum Wages Order 2022

(11) Workmen’s Compensation Act 1952.

The book also includes a chapter on how workers should conduct themselves in a domestic inquiry, which is an internal investigation by employers into alleged misconduct. The last chapter discusses the different types of employment termination that workers may encounter. In the appendices, readers will find a comprehensive list of Labour Offices, Industrial Relations Departments, and Trade Union Departments where workers can seek assistance. Additionally, there is a list of registered trade unions and guidelines on how to register a union.



T. Balasubramaniam has been involved in industrial relations since 1961. After obtaining a Second Class Upper Honours in Social Science (Econs), with distinction in Industrial Relations, he also obtained his LLB (Hons). He founded Meca Employers Consulting Agency in which he was the CEO and Principal Legal Advisor. He has served on the National Labour Advisory Council and has represented employers before the Industrial Court and the Labour Court.

He has also served as a part-time lecturer in Labour Law at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, a part-time tutor in Economics at Universiti Malaya and in Quantitative Methods at Universiti Sains Malaysia. He has conducted numerous courses on labour law and industrial relations and is the author of six previous books on labour law.

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