Employee Misconduct


Employee Misconduct is an aid to human resource managers, industrial relations practitioners and other managers to understand what is, and what is not considered employee misconduct. After a brief overview of the disciplinary process, each chapter examines a different type of misconduct including: sexual harassment, abuse of social media, conflict of interest, cheating, stealing and others. The principles relating to each type of misconduct are illustrated by summaries of relevant, recent Industrial Court awards. All chapters also offer some ideas on how to minimize the incidence of employee misconduct, particularly by introducing written policies which provide clarification to employees so that they understand the types of behaviour which are not acceptable. The contents of this book are up to date and include reference to the 2019 amendments to the Industrial Relations Act.


About The Author

Maimunah Aminuddin has been teaching industrial relations since 1974 and writing books on the subject since 1990. Prior to retirement she was teaching at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in the Faculty of Business Management. Post-retirement, she taught Master’s candidates at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Universiti Selangor (Unisel). She has also lectured on a number of Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes offered by private institutions on behalf of foreign universities. She has conducted numerous training programmes on topics relating to termination of employment and other areas relating to industrial relations.

Maimunah is a nationally-recognized educator, trainer, writer, columnist and author. Over the years, she has written regular columns in a local newspaper as well as preparing an e-book for small and medium sized establishments which is published by the Human Resource Development Fund. In total, she has written more than a dozen books on topics relating to various aspects of human resource management including a text book on industrial relations which is the key text in several public and private universities offering this subject. Her series of articles on industrial relations, employment law and termination of employment have been published online at www.labourlawbox.com. Maimunah is also the author of Employment Law Manual for Practitioners, A Practical Approach to Malaysian Employment Law and Termination of Employment published by CLJ Publication.