Alternative Dispute Resolution Law & Practice


Alternative Dispute Resolution: Law and Practice is divided into 44 chapters which cover alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms in all their varieties, including negotiation, mediation, conciliation, ombudsman, arbitration, and court adjudication. These ADR mechanisms can be used alongside existing court systems and have gained widespread acceptance because of its speedy resolution of disputes and outcomes that preserve and sometimes even improve relationships. The primary objective of this book is to enhance reader’s understanding of the various regulatory framework governing ADR on diverse issues at both national and international levels. This includes the application of ADR to fintech, Islamic banking and finance, labour, and construction disputes among others. Online dispute resolution, Singapore Mediation Convention, and university arbitration are also featured in this book. All those concerned, both the legal and non-legal community such as legal practitioners, arbitrators, mediators, academicians, and students, will find this book as a valuable aid for a good understanding of matters pertaining to ADR without having to refer to several other sources.