A Practical Guide to Misconduct in Employment


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This book deals with how the Industrial Court has dealt with the following fifty different  misconducts in employment:

Absence without Leave, Sleeping on Duty, Insubordination, Assault of a Superior, Assault of a Subordinate, Assault of a Colleague, Fighting, Negligence, Conflict of Interest, Criminal Breach of Trust, Theft, Resume Fraud, Workplace Bullying, Making a False Claim, Excessive Medical Leave, Accepting Bribe, Misappropriation, Malingering, Collecting Commission from Supplier, Dishonesty, Disclosing Company’s Confidential Information, Failure to Perform Duties, Sexual Harassment, Accepting Gifts or Favors from Those Having Business Dealings with the Company, Taking Money from the Company’s Float, Borrowing Money from Subordinate, Submitting Falsified Medical Certificate, Allocating Foreign Employees in Breach of Immigration Laws, Falsifying Overtime Claim, Acting against the Interest of the Employer, Illegal Picketing, Inciting and Instigating Fellow Workers, Immorality, Refusal to Go on Transfer, Drug Abuse, Intoxication, Viewing Pornography Sites using the Company’s Laptop, Moonlighting, Illegal Strike, Gambling, Go-Slow, Possession of Offensive Weapon at Company’s Premises, Unauthorised Internet Access, Petition to Remove the CEO,  Defying Instructions of Superior, Abusive Language, Boycott, Instigating Disharmony at Work, Posting Adverse Comments about Management on Facebook, and Sexual Grooming.



Balasubramaniam began his career as a Kirkby-trained teacher in 1960 and has been involved in

industrial relations since 1961 when he served as the Secretary of MTUC Terengganu Division. After obtaining a Second-Class Upper Honours in Social Science (Econs) with distinction in Industrial Relations, he joined the Malayan Council of Employers Organisations (MCEO) as the Deputy Secretary in 1976. Following the dissolution of MCEO in 1978, he was appointed as the Industrial Relations Advisor in MEF. During his tenure at MEF, he obtained his LLB (Hons).

Upon his retirement in 1996, he founded Meca Employers Consulting Agency in which he was the CEO and Principal Legal Advisor. In December 2007, he retired from MECA but continued as Chairman and remained involved in an advisory capacity. He has served on the National Labour Advisory Council, represented employers before the Industrial Court and Labour Court, and worked as a part-time lecturer in Labour Law at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Additionally, he served as a part-time tutor in Economics at the University of Malaya and in Quantitative Methods at Universiti Sains Malaysia. He has conducted numerous courses on labour law and industrial relations and authored eight previous books on labour law.


Gowri Balasubramaniam obtained her LLB (Hons) in 2001, following which she served  in various  Industrial Relations capacities in numerous companies in the private sector, including  MECA.  Over her twenty-two years in the private sector, Gowri  acquired specialist knowledge in employment misconduct. At present, she is the Head of Employee Relations in a telecommunications company, where she provides solutions to management on employment law. During her role as an Industrial Relations Consultant in MECA, she provided consultation to employers on employment law, best practices in industrial relations, and disciplinary matters.


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