MSLSSL Employment Virtual Conference 2020 COVID-19: Coping With New Realm Of Realities

The Malaysian Society for Labour and Social Security Law (MSLSSL) in partnership with the Malaysian Current Law Journal (CLJ) is proud to organise the MSLSSL Employment Virtual Conference 2020.

The employment sector has and continues to face various uncertainties surrounding employment arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, which may have a long term impact on most industries and occupations. Businesses are facing new challenges and in some cases turbulence particularly related to maintaining profitability while dealing with a fall in production, demand, revenue while at the same time meeting their legal obligations and managing the welfare of their employees. Safeguarding health and the well-being of employees has also taken prominence alongside dealing with risks that come with new forms of working particularly protection of confidential information, maintaining work ethics and implementing new work rules.

This Virtual Conference will help participants keep abreast with the latest developments in labour and employment laws, help them prepare for or deal with the myriad of challenges during this era and be better equipped to manage risks that are already present or anticipated. The Conference is led by experienced speakers from the legal profession and industries to discuss, among others, about working from home, business sustainability and the way forward.


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Work from home previously was a flexibility that in the local landscape was rarely granted. Overnight, the pandemic made it mandatory and will likely remain present, if not permanently then at least from time to time. This change brings with it the need to rethink the old ways of managing and measuring performance, maintaining discipline and all other issues that previously were confined within the four walls of the office premises.

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Digitalisation was a lifeline allowing businesses to operate remotely during the global lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to be an integral part of the new normal working life and will continue to grow in importance. However, the inevitable consequence is the heightened risk to confidentiality and security breaches. There is also a need to understand and assess possible impacts on employee/employer ownership of inventions. This session will examine how organizations can identify and manage these risks and will discuss the rules governing ownership of employee generated inventions and what remedies employers have against employees who breach their confidentiality obligations during their employment and after they leave employment.

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Industrial Law has developed in many ways in the past 50 years. Commercial reality has had an impact on how the Industrial Court views issues and is reflected in the awards handed down, especially in recent years. This panel will discuss how, if at all, the Industrial Court will respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption it has brought to businesses which has in many cases led to unemployment or practices that previously were frowned upon. It is anticipated to be a lively and thought provoking session on whether the Industrial Court will, reluctantly or otherwise be faced to accommodate business needs; or whether it will take the position that it is the last bastion against an outright capitalistic model.

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The COVID-19 experience has made health and safety a priority item on every workplace agenda. This session will be a study into the potential risks and liabilities that arise, recommended steps to minimise them and extent to which an employer’s obligation extends.

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COVID-19 is presenting new and unique challenges to both employers and employees during these unprecedented times. Routines have been disrupted, employees are socially isolated from their colleagues with remote working or new social distancing practices at work, and some employees are also facing pay cuts and retrenchments. This is naturally causing added mental, emotional and financial stress. Now more so than ever, employees’ mental health and well-being must be addressed.

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With revenue being the biggest victim of the pandemic, the need for cost cutting is a priority for businesses. Various efforts have to be taken to prevent a financial crisis while staying on the right side of the law. There is also the added challenge of not knowing how soon this will pass and whether reduction in workforce exercise either in the form of a voluntary separation scheme, mutual separation or retrenchment is too hasty. Other cost cutting options are available which involve re-negotiating contractual terms, drawing a distinction between the must haves and nice to haves as well as recognising which are the fundamental terms of employment.

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An interactive workshop aimed at equipping the participants with the know-how, methods, dos and don’ts when managing performance, training and mentoring personnel. Knowledge that is crucial to maintaining and nurturing talent.



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