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 This course is an intensive practice-based hands-on training workshop which serves to enhance online research skills. The workshop is based on real case scenarios and is aimed at providing in-depth knowledge on how to utilise the features and functions of CLJLAW to extract the required information in the shortest possible time. Course participants will be expected to conduct searches effortlessly and be able to immediately apply what they learn to their daily research assignments. 

 What are the requirements to attend the workshop?

 Participants will need to bring:

• Laptop
• Sample of case study from office files where research is required

Course materials provided

• Course outline and notes

 Please note that :-

• The workshop will be offered on a first come first  served basis.
• The minimum number of participants will be 5 persons per session and maximum number of participants will be 10 persons per session..
• Dates of the training course may be subject to change depending on the number of participants.
• No refunds will be granted if participant cancels. However, another participant from the same organization may attend in his/her place at no extra cost.
• Duration of session :  9.00am  to  1.00pm.

  Please select your preferred workshop date and email it to

  Download brochure/registration form.


 List of Scheduled Workshops up to June, 2017


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